Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mani: [Rich in Heart] + Sparkly Tips

Since I am soooo not good at coming up with creative titles, I am just going to use color names and brief descriptions. So for these nails I used the color "Rich in Heart" by Sinful Colors and silver sparkles on my tips...hence the name lol.

I watched a video by both julieg713 and pursebuzz who both did similar nails for new years 2010 and was inspired to do my own version with the polish I had taken on my 2009 Winter break. The whole process from start to finish took me about an hour. It only took me that long because I am the type that waits a good 5-10 min for each coat to dry before I apply the next layer of polish. If you are the type that only waits a minute or 2 in between, itll probably only take you about 30 minutes. I am totally not an expert and I'm sorry i didn't take pictures of how the nails looked after each step. I didnt know if it was going to turn out any good but it did so I thought I would share what pictures I had. Hope you enjoy :)

Here are the 5 polishes I used for this look. 

First, I put down one layer of base coat using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Natural Tint.

Then, I put one coat of Sinful Colors "Rich in Heart" on the tips. This polish gives great color with only one coat, but alot of other brands will most likely need 2 coats. Since the line is going to be blurred in the next step, I didnt worry too much about it looking super perfect like a french tip, but I did make sure it was in a somewhat straight line.
Next, I used my Sparkle White 2 polish from Urban Outfitters to blur the dark color onto the clear basecoat. You don't have to use a polish with sparkle in it. Instead you can use an old clear/natural tint polish (or you can just get a cheap new one for like $0.99 from the drugstore). Once the line is blurred to your liking, coat whole nail with the same polish to make the surface a little more even.
For the next step, I used my Art Deco sparkle in silver/white on the tips extending past the dark color and the blurred area.
Lastly, I applied one thin coat of my CND Speedey topcoat.
This is the end result :)
xxx Mayumi

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