Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shopping Bag [5]: LUSH Post-Holiday Sale

{Originally Posted on January 14, 2011}

For this year's post-holiday sale at LUSH, it's buy one, get one on all soaps, the Christmas bath bombs, & Christmas gift boxes which runs til products run out. Originally, I was gonna get 2 Honey Farm gift boxes because I thought that ALL gift boxes were BOGO. But sadly, that wasn't the case so this time around, I left with the 6 items pictured above (plus 2 samples which I didn't photograph).

First up is probably going to be my favorite out of the 6 things purchased. The consistency is more liquidy compared to alot of the other shower gels, and the smell is really intense when you sniff this stuff straight from the bottle. It's really heavy on cinnamon & the scent of cinnamon isn't my favorite. Because of that, I almost didn't get this, but the sales girl that was helping me out assured me that the scent is much softer on your skin. And sure enough, in the shower the scent mellows out & I love it. This is an amazing shower gel to use in the colder months. I'm not sure how I'll feel about using it in the summer but we'll see when that time rolls around.

Glögg shower gel - 8.4 fl oz - $16.95.

Description on the LUSH USA website: "Glögg is a LUSH interpretation of a Swedish spin on festive mulled wine. While it may be tempting to take a swig of our festive shower gel, we recommend you save the warming effects of the organic red wine, brandy and spice oils for the benefit of your body. Winter can put a chill into your bones and leave you with toe-sicles; heat things up, get the circulation going and get into a lather with this instead. Glögg and Cinders are the duo for you if you find the cold of winter difficult to deal with and want to stoke the embers."

Next is the infamous Snow Fairy shower gel. I like this scent but I don't love it. It has a bubblegummy smell to it & while I like candy scents, I get bored with bubblegum scents easily. (I much prefer the smell of Godmother soap to this). I still have a little less than half a bottle left of one I bought last year, so I might try to return this & switch it out for another bottle of Glögg if my LUSH still has them in stock.

Snow Fairy shower gel - 8.4 fl oz - $16.95.

Description on the LUSH USA website: "...The sweet bubblegum and cotton candy scent of this shower gel has made it a clear winner with our customers ever since we first released it...."

The next two items are So White (left) & Cinders (right) bath bombs. I had tried out a couple So White bath bombs last year & liked the fresh scent & frothy effect it gave my bathwater. I was tempted to grab more than one, but I still had about 10 other LUSH bath bombs in my collection to use so I thought one was enough at this time. Last year, I passed on the Cinders bath bomb because I'm not the biggest fan of warm & spicy scents. But I decided to try one out this year since I thought it could be a good match with the Glögg shower gel.

So White bath bomb - 3.1 oz - $3.95

Description on the LUSH USA website: "...There's bergamot and orange blossom to help create that fresh, sweet scent, and soothing rose absolute to care for dry skin."

Cinders bath bomb - 3.1 oz - $3.95

Description on the LUSH UK website:Warming cinnamon, refreshing sweet orange and almond essential oils will make your day every time you have a bath. Use with Glögg shower gel for a warming bath-time cocktail that will feel like the cold is far, far away.

This is also another cult favorite & is also one of my favorite scents from LUSH. But since it's a little pricey at regular price, I had never purchased it for myself! They were all sold out when I checked out the sale last year, so you best bet I asked for a piece right away this time when I saw that the store still had some chunks left.

Honey I Washed The Kids soap - 3.5 oz - $7.95

Description on the LUSH USA website: "The irresistible toffee and honey. Once you've unwrapped this mouth-watering toffee scented soap, you'll immediately want to wash yourself all over with it...."

I like the unisex scent of Karma, but I think it's a little too strong to use on myself. This piece is actually for my boyfriend who was with me on my shopping trip. He's used this soap before & really liked it (& i really liked the scent on him as well), so I decided to get a piece for him again. Ladies, if you like this scent, I think that this is a great soap to get for the men in your life :)

Karma soap - 3.5 oz - $7.95

Description on the LUSH USA website: "Spicy patchouli is complemented with refreshing lemongrass, orange oil and pine to create a clean and lovely smell that lasts on the skin for ages after you've washed."

***Not pictured are 2 samples of Angels on Bare Skin & Aqua Marina cleansers that I got after I specifically asked for them at checkout. I have alot of skincare stuff already, and since these cleansers aren't the cheapest things ever, I usually ask for some samples anytime I'm in my LUSH. The sales associates are really nice and helpful, so don't be afraid to ask for samples the next time you're at a LUSH store :)

xxx Mayumi

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