Monday, February 20, 2012

Mani Monday: [Black with Envy] + Silver Crackle

 two coats "Black with Envy", one coat silver crackle, topcoat

"Black with Envy" is Revlon's dupe for the ever-so-popular Chanel "Black Pearl."

A quick note on the LAsplash silver crackle: don't buy it. I can't speak for all the colors in their "crackle'd" range, but for this particular one, it dries to a matte white-gray finish. Although a topcoat does turn it back into a metallic silver, if the topcoat doesn't soak all the way into the layer, there are still areas that end up a whitish color. It only cost a few dollars, but still, disappointing.

xoxo Mayumi

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