Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Review: Rimmel Lash Accelerator

This is more of a lengthening rather than volumizing mascara. Lashes are noticeably longer and the mascara dries to a very black matte finish with one quick coat. On my lashes, 2 or more coats of this gets fairly clumpy, rather than volumizing nicely. It took a bit of time with a spooly or lash comb just to make my lashes look ok. For this reason, I usually stuck with one coat for everyday use since it was too much work to de-clump 2+ coats. Also, I noticed that bits of this mascara had a tendency to flake off by the end of the day.

Will I repurchase? No. I didn't like the flaking. Plus, it just takes too much time to make it work with my lashes.

Bare Lashes

One coat on top and bottom lashes

Two coats on top lashes, one coat on bottom lashes

xoxo Mayumi

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