Sunday, August 07, 2011

Ins & Outs [1]

 Thought I'd start doing these "In & Out" posts every once in a while!

  • Warm weather, finally! It had been pretty chilly until about the beginning of July here in Seattle, so I'm glad the sun's been coming out more. 
  • Being healthier in general: 
    • Eating healthier: my recent favorites are tea, coconut water, watermelon & almonds!
    • Vitamins & supplements: At the moment I'm taking gummy multi-vitamins, Calcium-Magnesium tablets, Hair/Skin/Nail supplement tablets, flax seed oil softgels, & a Japanese supplement called Chocola BB.
    • Going to the gym: I'm not athletic at all & I don't generally like hardcore exercise so I usually just bike ~10min on the exercise bike & go on the cross trainer for 25-30min. I wouldn't mind doing the cross trainer more but the boyfriend usually finishes his evening workout in 30-40 min lol.
  • Using up a couple of my skincare/ bodycare products. Just in time too, since I'm moving apartments next weekend!  
  • Thrift-store shopping. I've recently picked up an American Apparel sweatshirt, Urban Outfitters tee, & Dolce Vita boots all for under $100. 

  • People (both on YT & in my real life) complaining about warm/hot weather. You've been bitching all year about hating the cold & how you can't wait for summer. Well, it's here!
  • Having no one around to hang out with :( Most of my friends are either gone on vacation or summer abroad,  & the few that have stayed here are taking summer school.

xxx Mayumi

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