Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shopping Bag [8]: Drugstore Skincare & Haircare

 Walgreens Purchases

Super Supplements & Bartells items

These 2 heat protectants were buy one for $5.99 & get one free. The crazysleek is a thin lotion that's used on damp hair, & the guardian angel is a spray used for dry hair.

I had just run out of my last drugstore makeup remover so when I saw this for 25% off, I grabbed it right up! It works great & smells really nice too.

 This was a steal & I do like the way it sits on my skin, but I've stopped using it due to the fact that it's started to separate :/ I guess that's why it was on sale haha.

 "Grey Area"                 

Method Sea Minerals liquid hand soap. Picked this up as a backup for the kitchen since this was $2.99 with $2 register rewards.

 Recently watched Kandee Johnson's video on homemade eye makeup remover & I wanted to try it out! But instead of olive oil, I chose grapeseed oil since this can also be used by itself to remove stubborn foundation off of my face as well.

This is the second ingredient for the homemade eye makeup remover, & alone it can be used as a toner too. I'd heard that you can find witch hazel for about a dollar at any drugstore but I didn't find that to be true. The 3 drugstores I checked carried only carry one, maybe two different brands & they cost around $4.00 at the cheapest. 

I was lucky enough to be roaming my local Bartell's just at the right time, because one of the ladies that work there was walking around the store with a basket full of random samples! I grabbed this mini Cetaphil moisturizing lotion & a mini Secret Clinical Strength deodorant which I didn't bother taking a picture of. I figured the deodorant would come in handy for travel, & I'd been wanting to try the Cetaphil lotion for a while now, so it was perfect!

xxx Mayumi

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